Key Lime Filled Cookies

  • Mix the butter, liquid whole eggs, pastry flour and Tegral CL WG Cookie together for 1 minute on low speed. 
  • Check dough and if lumps of butter are still present, mix for one more minute on low speed.
  • Chill dough and sheet out at 5mm thick.

  • Cut strips of sheeted dough 7 cm wide. 
  • Pipe a line of Deli Key Lime in the middle & close by folding from both sides to overlap in the middle. 
  • Close ends to keep filling inside during baking. 
  • Roll over for overlap to face down. Freeze.
  • Bake cookie lengths frozen for 12-14 minutes in a 350 F rack or convection oven on air control 7.
  • Let cookies sit outside of oven for about 10 min before cutting at an angle.
  • When completely cooled down, dip in melted Carat Coverlux White.

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