Finger Cookies

  • Mix the butter, liquid whole eggs, pastry flour and Tegral CL WG Cookie mix together for 1 minute on low speed. 
  • Check dough and if lumps of butter are still present; mix for one more minute on low speed. 
  • Chill dough to sheet out at 5mm thick.

  • Cut strips of sheeted dough 2.8 inches wide. 
  • Pipe a line of Deli Citron or Cremfil Ultim Dark Chocolate in the middle. 
  • Close by folding from both sides to overlap in the middle. Close ends to keep filling inside during baking. 
  • Roll over so that the seam faces down. Chill. 
  • Prepare a mix of seeds on a baking tray. 
  • Brush cookie lengths with water and place on top of seed mix. Freeze as is. 
  • Bake cookies frozen for 12-14 minutes in a 345°F rack or convection oven.
  • After cooled, dip in Carat Decorcrem Dark SH or Carat Decorcrem White SH that has been heated to 120°F.

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