Sprouted Grain Boules

g %
Flour 3500g 70%
Whole Wheat Flour 1500g 30%
Water 2750g 55%
Yeast 125g 2.5%
Salt 100g 2%
Molasses 150g 3%
Vital Wheat Gluten 100g 2%
Softgrain Sprouted Grain Clean Label 1500g 30%
Sapore Aroldo 150g 3%
S500 Green A+ 75g 1.5%
Intens Fresh 2-30 7.5g 0.15%



  1. Once dough is fully developed in mixer, remove from bowl and let rest (covered) for 20 minutes.
  2. Scale into 1lbs pieces and round.
  3. Let rest again for 20 minutes.
  4. Shape into rounds, cover with cracked wheat and place on couche.
  5. Place in proofbox and bake once fully proofed.

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