Danish with Living Sourdough

Flour 3000g
Water 1260g
Yeast 120g
Salt 60g
Sugar 360g
Butter 150g
Sapore Adelia 600g
S500 Red 22.5g
Vivafil Wild Blueberry*
Sunset Glaze
Working Method:
  • Mixing Spiral - 2' 1st speed - 5-6' 2nd speed 
  • Dough Temperature - 60°F 
  • Bulk fermentation - Freezer or fridge 
  • Scale - 80g Intermediate proof - Refrigerator 
  • Make Up - Croissant or Dainsh 
  • Final Fermentation - 90 minutes 80°F, 80% humidity 
  • Decoration before baking - Spray with Sunset Glaze 
  • Oven temperature °C - 375°F 
  • Baking Time - 18 minutes 3 seconds of steam

Tips & Tricks:
  • Once dough is ready in mixer. 
  • Remove from mixer and scale into 5kg pieces and shape into rounds. 
  • Sheet down to 8mm and place on trays (covered). 
  • Place in freezer for 15min. 
  • Laminate with 33% Butter, 3 single folds with 15min rest in fridge in between. 
  • Sheet down to 3mm and cut into 3x5 squares. 
  • Shape as desired. 
  • Proof and bake. 
  • Spray With Sunset Glaze and fill with Vivafil before bake.

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