Chocolate Chunk Buns

g %
Flour 5000g 100%
Water 1900g 38%
Yeast 250g 5%
Salt 50g 1%
Sugar 500g 10%
Butter (delayed) 1000g 20%
Eggs 500g 10%
Sapore RTU Sponge 200g 4%
Soft'r Blue Acti-Plus 50g 1%
Chocolanté Dark Semisweet 44% Chunk* 1250 25%
Sunset Glaze



  1. Once dough is fully developed, remove from mixer and scale into 1450g pieces. 
  2. Shape into a round ball and let rest for 10 minutes. 
  3. Divide, round and place rolls into 8" square aluminum pans (9 rolls per pan). 
  4. Place in proof box. 
  5. When fully proofed, spray with Sunset Glaze and bake.

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