Bi-Colored Croissants

Flour 5000g
Water 2500g
Yeast 200g
Salt 100g
Sugar 500g
Butter 250g
Sapore Fidelio 100g
S500 Red 37.5g
Working Method:
  • Mixing Spiral - 2' 1st speed - 5-6' 2nd speed 
  • Dough Temperature - 60°F 
  • Bulk fermentation - Rest 15 min in freezer before folding in butter 
  • Scale - 50g 
  • Intermediate proof - Rest 15 min in cooler between folds 
  • Make Up - Croissant 
  • Final Fermentation - 45-60minutes 85°F, 80% humidity 
  • Decoration before baking - Spray with Sunset glaze 
  • Oven temperature °C - 400°F 
  • Baking Time - 10-12 minutes No steam

Tips & Tricks:
  • Once dough is developed in mixer, remove from mixer, divide into 3kg pieces. 
  • Place 500gr of dough back in the mixer with 20gr of black cocoa powder. 
  • Roll all pieces to 10mm on sheeter. 
  • Place in freezer and let rest for 15min. 
  • Fold in butter and give 2 simple folds.
  • Rest in cooler for 15min. 
  • Give last simple fold (3 total) and rest for 15min. 
  • Roll colored dough down to 1.5mm and place on top of laminated dough. 
  • Roll down to 3.5mm and shape into croissants.
  • Place on sheetpans, proof and bake. 
  • Spray with Sunset Glaze before bake.

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