Black Forest Danish


Pipe some Cremfil Ultim Dark Chocolate intothe danish, then Blend 2 parts Tolpfil Origin Michigan Cherry with 1 part Vivafil Raspberry and cover the Cremfil Ultim before baking.


Once dough is developed in mixer, remove from mixer, divide into 3kg pieces, roll all pieces to 10mm on sheeter. Place in freezer and let rest for 15min. Fold in butter and give 2 simple folds. Rest in cooler for 15min. Give last simple fold (3 total) and rest for 15min. Roll down to 3.5mm and place on table. Cut into 3x3 squares, fold in corners and place on tray with pan liner. Place in proof box After proofing spray with Sunset glaze and fill. Spray with Sunset glaze and bake. After baking brush or spray with Sublimo Neutre and decorate with fresh fruits.

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