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With Puratos’ glazes, you can turn your creations into jewels.

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Puratos has specific glazes for all your application requirements, working methods and circumstances. With Harmony & Miroir,  Puratos provides a glaze solution adapted to everyone’s needs in traditional and fine patisserie. Harmony glazes are a range of high quality glazes for fruit pies, cakes and puff pastries. Over the years Miroir has become the reference in the market, giving incomparable shine to mousses. Puratos glazes will give your creations that brilliant touch that will turn them into precious jewels! 

Consumers carefully select confectionery products with their eyes. Since the inception of the confectionery profession thousands of solutions have been developed to make decadent creations stand out. The perfect glaze is a very important tool in the hands of an artist. As your reliable partner, Puratos strives to give you glazes that combine the best quality, beauty and convenience. 

Did you know

In 1988 Puratos discovered how to apply the thixotropic principle for glaze and launched Miroir. This cold application glaze which is liquid when stirred and sets when still gives incomparable shine to your most delicate patisseries such as mousses and bavorois.

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