Acti-Fresh SRB

Acti-fresh is a texture improver for cakes that gives a short resilient bite. This product helps extend the shelf life and can be used as a cleaner label enabler.

  • Texture improver
  • Improves resiliency of cake items
  • Creates a short bite

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Customer advantages
  • Deliver qualitative and differentiated cakes
  • Increased sales
  • Improved margins
  • Greater export potential
Consumer advantages
  • Premium cake texture

Acti-Fresh is an innovative solution based on enzyme and emulsifier technology. Since 2008, Acti-Fresh has been improving the freshness of various types of cakes including loaf and pound cakes, chocolate cakes, snack cakes, muffins and cake donuts. Acti-Fresh has a proven positive effect on the different parameters of cake freshness including softness, moistness, cohesiveness and resiliency. The result is premium quality cakes with extended shelf life which will lead to increased consumer satisfaction.

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Acti-fresh is a texture improver for cakes that gives a short bite.

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