Experts & Leaders in Natural Fermentation Flavors

All good things in life, including bread, have one thing in common: fermentation. And bread has always been at the very heart of Puratos. Today, this passion continues with extensive research going into fermentation technology. To help you create new breads or enhance the flavor of your breads, we have collected fermentation cultures from around the world at our Sourdough Library to develop a broad palette of flavor profiles, included in our three most important ranges: O-tentic, Sapore and Softgrain.

O-tentic: 5,000 Years of Bread History in One Bag

10 year O-tentic
O-tentic is our range of unique active bakery components, which enable you to produce superior quality breads for consumers. Reminiscent of artisan tradition and taste, you can create your own signature breads that have:

    • Exceptional taste 
        & outstanding texture 
    • Clean label claims
    • Authentic ingredients
    • Exceptional versatility

Why does this matter?

Studies show that bakery items with claims such as clean label and authentic taste score well amongst today’s consumers. They are looking for exceptional and outstanding breads with the taste of yesteryear—a defining characteristic of long fermentation and all natural ingredients. 

For more information about our O-tentic range, contact your local sales representative today!

Sapore: Ready-To-Use Natural Fermentation Flavors

Sapore Star 2
Sapore is our range of ready-to-use flavors based on natural fermentation. Developed with our innovative natural fermentation process, Sapore captures the taste of traditional breads with ready-to-use flavors, including sourdoughs and sponge.

• Unique taste profile for all bread applications 
• Easy & convenient to use
• Local manufacturing facilities & technical support
• Exceptional flexibility
        •     Combine different Sapore flavors in one recipe,
               or combine with your own starter 

Why does this matter?

Sapore allows you to differentiate your products, making breads with a unique taste signature that is consistent over time. 

For more information about our Sapore range, contact your local sales representative today!

Softgrain: For Healthy, Delicious Bread

Baked Goods Triangle
Softgrains are tender sprouts, grains and seeds that have been soaked and boiled in a mild natural fermentation flavor. This gives the grains a delicious, full flavor taste and keeps them soft during the baking process. 

• Ready to use
• Outstanding freshness
• The Healthy Option

Why does this matter?

The resulting superior taste, prolonged freshness, as well as improved nutritional and health features are what consumers want. Rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins, Softgrain bread is good for your bones and teeth, and helps your metabolism, immune function, nervous system and heart function. 

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