Chocolate Caramel Nutty Tart

Chocolate Shortcrust
  • Mix everything together to obtain a homogeneous texture.
  • Store in the fridge until hard. 
  • Soften a bit and roll out to 3mm, put in a baking ring of .75 inches high and a diameter of 4 to 6 inches of cm. 
  • Bake at 375°F for about 12 minutes.

Caramel Nutty
  • Soften the Deli Caramel and add the soft butter.
  • Add the different roasted nuts. 
  • Pipe this caramel mixture in the chocolate shortcrust and make it even with a spatula.
  • Leave about 1/2 the shell empty for the ganache. 
  • Leave to set at room tempature.

PNG Ganache
  • Warm the cream, vanilla with glucose and butter at 176°F, then pour over chocolates.
  • Blend to homogenize.
  • Pour on tart shells to fill. 
  • Let set at 60°F . For optimum shine, do not refridgerate. 

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