Many of today’s consumers look for traditional products made out of natural, clean-label ingredients. When it comes to baked goods in particular, quality, taste and freshness are key factors in purchasing decisions.

Puratos’ leading Sourdoughs allow you to produce fresh, tasty and high-quality bread products easily and quickly. Increasing productivity, enhancing aromas and expanding product possibilities, our sourdough range provides satisfaction and convenience for consumers, bakers and industrials alike.   

What is sourdough and how is it used in bread?

Sourdough is a natural leavening ingredient consisting of flour and water. Also known as bread starter, levain, masa madre, lievito naturale or Sauerteig, sourdough gives baked products their structure and taste. Micro-organisms within the sourdough use the starch and minerals found in flour to ferment and increase the volume of bread, while organic molecules create the flavours.

Originating in ancient Egypt, sourdough methods and recipes were passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. It remained the principal form of leavening until the Middle Ages, and is still a popular bread option today.

What are the advantages of using sourdough?

Sourdough offers a natural form of leavening that enhances the taste and nutritional value of baked bread products. In this way, it satisfies the demands of customers looking for tasty, healthy breads made from natural ingredients. Sourdough also enables bakers to vary their breads, as different types of sourdough bring out different product qualities.

At Puratos, we believe that the future of bread lies in its past. Over the years we’ve developed expertise in natural fermentation and knowledge of baking cultures from all over the world. Drawing on this knowledge, we’ve created Sapore – a range of natural bakery sourdoughs that provide consistent quality, convenience and exceptional diverse flavours.



Sapore Adelia


A liquid, living wheat sourdough with origins from France. Specially fermented to deliver a fill bodies lactic profile with creamy notes.

Sapore Fidelio


A deactivated liquid wheat sourdough with strong acidic flavor notes for typical San Francisco sourdough breads.

Softgrain Multigrain Clean Label


A clean label presoaked blend of grains and seeds (rye, wheat oat, teff, millet) and flax seeds enrobed with sourdough.

Softgrain 5


Add taste and freshness to your breads with Softgrain: wholegrains and seeds soaked in sourdough. Ready and easy to use.

Softgrain Sprouted Grain Clean Label


A clean label presoaked blend of sprouted grains (wheat, rye, triticale) enrobed with sourdough.

Softgrain Amber Grain Clean Label


A clean label presoaked blend of grains and seeds (oat, sunflower seeds, millet, flax seeds, wheat) enrobed with sourdough, brown sugar and molasses.

Sapore Aroldo


A deactivated rye sourdough with a complex sour profile to be used in multigrain and rye breads.

Sapore Rigoletto


Give toast notes to your baked products with this wheat sourdough in powder form. Sapore Rigoletto is designed for white breads, buns and toast breads.

Sapore Traviata


Give a fruity flavor to your baked products with this mild rye sourdough in powder form. Sapore Traviata organic is also available.

Sapore Traviata Bio (Organic)


A rye sourdough in powder form made from certified organic ingredients giving a mild sour note to bakery items.

Sapore Panarome


A liquid concentrated sponge extract to enhance alcoholic and fermented notes in bakery items.

Sapore Tosca


A powdered wheat sourdough, based on durum wheat to enhance cereal notes in bakery items.

Sapore RTU Sponge


A ready-to-use sponge/poolish replacer providing same characteristics as a typical sponge.

Easy San Francisco Sourdough


A base for zesty San Francisco-style breads, with a strong flavor profile and great volume.



Molderator is a dehydrated wheat sourdough and natural mold inhibitor for baked goods. It can be used in a variety of end products such as loaf breads, bagels, soft rolls and baguettes.

Sapore Leo


Our 100% Whole Wheat Organic Sourdough



Inactive yeast with high reducing power to increase extensibility.

Center For Bread Flavor

Located in St. Vith, Belgium, the Center For Bread Flavor gives customers, scientists and Puratos employees the chance to share their passion for bread and best practice in achieving perfect flavors. It is also home to our famous Sourdough Library.


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Sourdough Library

Located in our Center for Bread Flavour in Sankt-Vith, Belgium, the Sourdough Library gathers a unique collection of sourdoughs from all over the world, each with its own distinct charecteristics.


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