Energy Kick Cake Bites

Cake Batter
  • Mix the water, oil and cake mix for 5 minutes on medium using a flat beater.
  • At the end of the mixing time, add the fillings ingredients. 

Coconut Filling
  • Boil the glucose syrup and agave syrup.
  • Add the granola and coconut. 

  • Using two baking papers, roll out the baste with the thickness of 15mm. Let it ook before inserting it into the ball. 
  • Pipe the batter into silicone molds and bake for approximately 12 minutes at 350ºF using a closed damper. 
  • Heat Belcolade Noir Selection CT chocolate to 100ºF and cover the balls completely. 
  • Before the chocolate sets, roll them in the roasted coconut. 

About this Recipe:

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Tip: create a variety pack by changing the cake mix, filling and decorations.