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Attract more customers and elevate your horeca business with innovative food solutions. We offer a wide range of premium food solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your food service business. From saving time to saving money, find a product that fits your needs. Take your business to the next level and discover the power of our products today.

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Ambiante is a whippable topping that is excellent for cake decoration. It has exceptional overrun, is plant based and has a remarkable stability.
Instant Elfroy Cream
Made by gourmet food company Patisfrance, this powder creme acts as the base ingredient for some of the gourmet world’s most famous pastries.
Deliciously quick and easy to prepare smooth custard cream.
Finesse Dairy Custard Mix
A complete instant mix for dairy custard that is TFA (trans fatty acid) free.
Carat Coverlux Dark Cacao-Trace
Dark, hard coating with a rich and decadent chocolate flavor profile.
Carat Decorcrem Dark Cacao-Trace
Dark soft compound coating with a rich cocoa flavor, complemented by hints of natural sweetness and undertones of roasted nuts.
Carat Decorcrem Milk Cacao-Trace
Milk soft compound coating that has a perfect balance of sweet cocoa and fresh milk that culminates in a creamy, smooth finish.
Carat Decorcrem White SH
White decoration cream with a balance of dairy and vanilla notes.
Tegral Satin Creme Cake
A convenient complete mix for moist crème cakes, with excellent carrying properties for inclusions. Add eggs, oil, and water.
Tegral Satin Supreme Creme Cake
A unique cake mix with similar qualities and capabilities of Satin crème cakes that has superior flavor and tenderness that melts in your mouth. A convenient base for moist, delicious crème cakes. Add eggs, oil, and water.
Tegral CL Fine White Layer Cake
A clean(er) label mix for producing a soft, moist, and delicious white layer cakes.
X-Press Cakey Brownie Mix
A versatile, complete cakey brownie mix.
Tegral Satin CL Chocolate Crème Cake
A convenient, clean(er) label chocolate cake mix that can be used for a variety of applications including loaf cakes, bundt cakes, muffins and layer cakes.
Easy Soft'r Potato Roll
A base for the production of potato rolls.
S500 Red
An all-purpose improver formulated with the latest patent-pending enzyme technologies; providing outstanding dough tolerance and volume. Highly versatile as it works for all types of bread applications and in all bakery conditions.
O-tentic Durum
Inspired by the Altamura tradition, O-tentic Durum lets you bake exceptional rustic style breads, using only water, flour, salt and O-tentic Durum.
Easy Soft'r Dinner Roll
A base for the production of soft dinner rolls.
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