X-Press Cakey Brownie Mix

A versatile, complete cakey brownie mix requiring the addition of water only. 

  • Convenient
  • Less scaling - only add water
  • Great taste and texture

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Customer advantages
  • Convenient - less scaling and less need for skilled labor
Consumer advantages
  • Excellent flavor profile

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Tegral Cacao-Trace Clean Label Brownie Mix

Our cleanest brownie mix with a fudgy texture that is in line with consumer preference.

Tegral Cacao-Trace Clean Label Vegan Brownie Mix

A vegan mix for fudgy brownies. Made with sustainable cocoa. Add water and oil only.

Acti-Fresh SRB

A texture improver for cakes that gives a short resilient bite. Helps extend the shelf life and can be used as a cleaner label enabler.

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Cacao Trace

Cacao-Trace is Puratos’ sustainable cocoa programme. It has two aims: empower farmers to produce better quality beans and ensure that cocoa farming remains an attractive business in the future