The Donut

In the United States alone, about 10 billion donuts are made every year!

To set yourself apart from the crowd, have you ever considered reinventing your donut offering? Maybe by adding some healthier, more sustainable ingredients? Or by playing around with flavors and textures?

Continue reading to discover how our ingredients can help you add a twist to the classic donuts. 

Preserving the heritage of the classic donut

Donuts have become the poster child of everyday indulgence. When immigrants arrived at Ellis Island, they were greeted by the Salvation Army with a blanket and a donut. It was, quite literally, their first taste of America.

The creative donut

Gourmet donuts and donut hybrids (remember the cronut?) are taking the country by storm.

Donuts are no longer a breakfast-only item, but serve as a sandwich carrier, an indulgent dessert or a fun way to celebrate traditional and non-traditional “holidays”.

The better-for-you donut

A simple way to make a donut healthier is by adding more fruit (remember our Classic fruit compounds or all-natural fruit fillings?).

Another one is by reducing the number of calories. Have you ever heard of steaming a donut rather than frying it? How about using a sugar-reduced chocolate coating instead of an icing? 

The sustainable donut

At Puratos, we are committed to you and future generations.

To make more sustainable donuts, consider trying a plant-based donut mix or one of our Cacao-Trace certified chocolates and coatings. Because change starts with you. 

Our favorite ingredients to reinvent the Classic donut

Flavoring Compounds

Flavoring Preparations

Flavoring preparations bring a fresh bouquet of taste and color to all you bakery creations.

Fruit fillings

Fruit fillings

Discover how our wide range of fruit fillings, packed with up to 60% of top-quality fruit, can make your creations look delicious and taste better.



Deli is a top quality range of rich cream filling preparations inspired by authentic recipes for unique baking flavors.