Mad Cake Donut

Cake Batter
Tegral Vegan Satin Cream Cake Mix 1000g
Water 400g
Belcolade Noir Selection As Needed
Puratop Set 'N Stay As Needed
Granola As Needed
Dried Fruits and Nuts As Needed


Cake Batter
  • Put the water in a mixing bowl and add the cake mix. 
  • Mix for 1 minute on low and then 2 minutes on medium in a planetary mixer using a flat beater. 
  • Let the dough rest for 10 minutes. 
  • Bake the cake donut using a line machine. Set the turning and the baking tempature at 355ºF (line application). 

  • Cut the bottom of the donut to make it stand up.
  • Top the donut with Puratop Set 'N Stay or Belcolade Noir Selection and then some dried fruits, nuts and granola.

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