Bakery mixes

Bread mixes are vital products for professional bakers, helping to ensure quality, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Our range of Bakery Mixes includes Tegral Mixes, which require the addition of water and yeast, and Easy Bases, which require water, yeast and flour.

What are the advantages of using bread mixes?

There are many reasons why bakers opt to use mixes rather than create bread from scratch. The practical benefits are:

  • Quality: premium-quality bread
  • Variety: a range of products to help meet consumer demand
  • Efficiency: optimal use of flour to help minimise costs
  • Ease of use: pre-weighed and less laborious
  • Convenience: easy to stock and store
  • Consistency: same levels of quality each and every time 
  • Speed: shorter production times

Bread mixes also allow you to diversify your range, helping you to experiment and expand your repertoire to include products like Italian panettone, Danish Kerne brød or the world-famous French baguette. 

How do baking mixes support health and taste trends?

Health and wellness issues have a major influence on the baking industry. Modern mixes enable you to respond to customer demands for healthier products and healthier living.

We have a range of Bakery mixes with nutritional benefits such as low in cholesterol (Puravita Pan-O-Col), high in fibre (Puravita Fibres+) and rich in vitamins, folic acid and omega-3s (Puravita Omega-3).

But consumers are looking for greater nutritional balance in their rich breads as well. And here too our mixes can help you meet customer expectations, producing rich breads full of freshness, taste and texture but with an improved nutritional profile – all at a competitive cost.

Bakery mixes


Sweet Bread

Bakery mixes, Bakery

A complete mix developed for Hispanic sweet breads using Puratos’ improver technology and Sapore technology.

Easy Soft'r Dinner Roll

Bakery mixes

A base for the production of soft dinner rolls.

Tegral Mexico

Bakery mixes

A complete bakery mix developed with bakers in Mexico to easily create tasty Mexican conchas as they were made south of the border.

Easy Vienna

Bakery mixes

A base for Portuguese, Italian and French breads, sub rolls and crusty rolls.

Easy Italy

Bakery mixes

A base for Italian specialty breads using Puratos’ improver and Sapore technology.


Bakery mixes

A complete mix for authentic sweet dough pastries such as danishes, hojaldres and cuernos.

Rosca De Reyes O&B

Bakery mixes

A complete mix for the traditional Rosca de Reyes or King’s Ring cake.

Easy Soft'r White Bread

Bakery mixes

A base in a powder form specifically formulated for the production of white pan breads.

Tegral Sweet Dough Mix

Bakery mixes

A complete mix for danish and sweet dough.

Tegral Yeast Raised Continental Donut Mix

Bakery mixes

Full convenience for donut making.

Yeast Donut

Bakery mixes

A full convenience base for yeast raised donut making.

Sliced pumpernickel bread on linen cloth

Easy Pumpernickel Base

Bakery mixes

A base for the production of pumpernickel bread.

Tegral Bolilo

Bakery mixes

A complete mix for the production of bolillos and other crusty Hispanic breads.

Easy Soft’r YR Donut

Bakery mixes

A base for yeast raised donuts with superior volume, low fat absorption and extended shelf life.

Easy Baguette

Bakery mixes

Easy Baguette is a 10% bread premix for traditional French breads.

Trio of three fresh long sandwiches made with various types of meat on large serving tray

Easy Sub Roll - No ADA

Bakery mixes

An ADA-free base for the production of sub-rolls, hoagies, heroes, specifically recommended where tolerance, machine-ability and volume are required.

Pan De Muerto

Bakery mixes

A convenient mix with an intense sweet & orange taste, and a premium texture at competitive cost.

Tegral Bisquet

Bakery mixes

A complete mix for traditional Hispanic bisquets/biscuits.

Easy Viva Italia

Bakery mixes

A no-time powder base for authentic Italian Flat Bread.

Easy New Yorker Rye

Bakery mixes, Flavor & Specialty Grains

A lighter taste with denser texture.

Easy Soft'r Potato Roll

Bakery mixes

A base for the production of potato rolls.

Easy Kaiser

Bakery mixes

A base formulated for the production of Kaiser rolls.

Tegral Bolillo Bakery Mix

Bakery mixes

Tegral Bolillo Bakery Mix makes it easier than ever to create authentic hispanic breads.

Industrial Bakery Competence Center

The IBCCs provide customers with the facilities and tools to develop specific bakery finished goods, and to research and test new applications before starting production.


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Center For Bread Flavor

Located in St. Vith, Belgium, the Center For Bread Flavor gives customers, scientists and Puratos employees the chance to share their passion for bread and best practice in achieving perfect flavors. It is also home to our famous Sourdough Library.


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