Cookie Butter Layer Cake

Cake Batter
Tegral Satin Clean Label Vegan Cake Mix 1000g
Water 470g
Oil 100g
Puratop Silky Smooth Vanilla ZT 1000g
Cookie Butter Spread 200g
Biscoff Cookies 100g


Cake Batter
  • Mix the water, oil and cake mix on low for 2 minutes, scrape, and then mix again for 3 minutes on medium
  • Deposit 350g of batter into three 7" round rings
  • Bake at 365°F for 35 minutes or until baked through

  • Blend the Puratop Silky Smooth with the Cookie Butter Biscoff Spread in a stand mixer with a paddle attachment until blended

  • Layer three cakes with the icing
  • Decorate the top and exterior sides of the cake with the cookie butter frosting
  • Garnish with Biscoff Cookies

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