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As a bagel shop owner, you take pride in your craft and want to offer your customers only the best. That's why we're here to support you with the finest ingredients and expert support. With our wide range of high-quality ingredients, tools, and baking expertise, you can trust that your bagels will be fresh, delicious, and baked to perfection every time. Let's create a memorable bagel experience for your customers that they'll keep coming back for!

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Soft’r Alpaga No ADA
A dough conditioner for yeast raised baked goods giving a soft crust, fine crumb structure and extended shelf-life.
Intens Fresh 1-40
Intens Fresh 1-40 is an enzymatic preparation specifically formulated to improve the freshness of soft products.
Molderator is a dehydrated wheat sourdough and natural mold inhibitor for baked goods. It can be used in a variety of end products such as loaf breads, bagels, soft rolls and baguettes.
O-tentic Origin
Based on natural fermentation, O-tentic Origin is the start of exceptional breads full of taste, flavor and texture, with a long fermentation process.
O-tentic Durum
Inspired by the Altamura tradition, O-tentic Durum lets you bake exceptional rustic style breads, using only water, flour, salt and O-tentic Durum.
Softgrain Multigrain
Presoaked blend of grains and seeds (rye, wheat, oat, teff, millet) and flax seeds enrobed with sourdough.
Sapore Leo
Our 100% Whole Wheat Organic Sourdough
Softgrain Sweet 5 Grain
Presoaked blend of grains and seeds (oat, sunflower seeds, millet, flax seeds, wheat) enrobed with sourdough, sugar and honey.
Softgrain Wheat
Presoaked blend of wheat grains enrobed with sourdough. Add the grains at the end of mixing (to avoid damaging of the grains).
San Francisco Sour Flavor
A powder additive which gives dough a San Francisco type sour taste at a 2% usage. Amount can be varied depending on desired flavor profile. A convenient ready to use mix for a traditional San Francisco style bread that contains Sapore and new improver technologies.
Sapore Traviata
Give a fruity flavor to your baked products with this mild rye sourdough in powder form. Sapore Traviata organic is also available.

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Multigrain Bagel

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Sapore Leo Whole Wheat Organic Bagel

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An improver specifically formulated for the production of bagels!


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