Give your customers the best possible experience, with delicious, top-quality pizzas every time. A crispy crust and an artisan look are a true blessing for mouth and eye. Add sourdough to flavor the dough and compliment the richness of your pizza toppings. Explore our ingredient range to improve your pizza recipes and make your customers smile!

Ingredients for the ultimate pizza recipe
Intens Microwave
Bakery additive in powder form to improve the microwavability of yeast-raised baked goods like: Buns, flatbreads, pizza crusts, etc. Intens Microwave helps reduce the toughening effect that occurs when yeast raised products are reheated in a microwave. Your product will have a nice soft and short bite when using this bakery additive, instead of the typical chewiness and toughness associated with microwave reheating.
O-tentic Tutto Pugliese
Based on natural fermentation, O-tentic Tutto Pugliese is the convenient place to start for exceptional breads full of taste, flavor and texture.
Sapore Traviata Bio (Organic)
A rye sourdough in powder form made from certified organic ingredients giving a mild sour note to bakery items.
S500 Red
An all-purpose improver formulated with the latest patent-pending enzyme technologies; providing outstanding dough tolerance and volume. Highly versatile as it works for all types of bread applications and in all bakery conditions.
O-tentic Origin
Based on natural fermentation, O-tentic Origin is the start of exceptional breads full of taste, flavor and texture, with a long fermentation process.
O-tentic Durum
Inspired by the Altamura tradition, O-tentic Durum lets you bake exceptional rustic style breads, using only water, flour, salt and O-tentic Durum.

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Sourdough pizza

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