Real Belgian Chocolate

Mention the name “Belgium” and many people from different parts of the world will think “chocolate”. At Belcolade, we take great pride in being a part of the rich tradition and heritage that has earned Belgian chocolate this extraordinary reputation. We set ourselves exceedingly high quality standards and offer a great added value, through innovation. For this reason, all our chocolate is—and always has been—produced in our factory in Erembodegem, Belgium.

Setting quality standards

At the heart of Belcolade chocolate is its unrivalled taste. An experience that comes from careful selection of the best quality cocoa beans from around the globe. To guarantee the quality standards that are in keeping with our reputation and today’s market, we only use 100% butter and 100% natural vanilla in our products. Our Belcolade chocolate is made according to the traditional Belgian process of mixing, grinding, conching and tempering, a process that we have perfected with decades of experience to obtain the unique taste of Belcolade Chocolate.

A varied palette of Real Belgian chocolates

Puratos offers a uniquely rich palette of flavours, suitable for myriad applications. We also develop specific flavours tailored to your individual requirements.

The Belcolades winning range of dark, milk and white chocolates offers a taste pallet as broad and complex as each specific application. For those looking for a more distinctive taste profile, Belcolade Origins captures the unique bouquet of specific cocoa-growing regions. We also offer a certified sustainable range. With our Belgian chocolate and chocolate ingredients range, we try to inspire food professionals around the world to adapt traditional recipes and discover innovative applications in pastry and chocolate by combining Belcolade with new and exciting flavours.

Real Belgian Chocolate


Belcolade Selection Cacao-Trace Milk

Balanced 34% milk chocolate with a fresh fruity note and slightly roasted cocoa taste. Made from 100% certified Cacao-Trace beans.

Belcolade Selection CT Dark

Balanced 55% dark chocolate with a fresh fruity note and slightly roasted cocoa taste. Made from 100% certified Cacao-Trace beans.

Belcolade Origins Vietnam 73

This chocolate is sourced exclusively from Vietnam. It features a pronounced acid cocoa aroma enriched with citrus, wood and tobacco notes. It has a 73% cocoa content and is the first result of our Cacao-Trace sustainable cocoa program.

Belcolade Noir Organic 74

This 74% dark chocolate delivers an intense cocoa taste with a pronounced bitterness and slight acidity, made with 100% Organic ingredients.

Belcolade Noir Selection

Our 55% dark chocolate reference offering a perfect balance between bitterness & sweetness.

Belcolade Lait Selection

Our 34% milk chocolate reference with a pleasant cocoa aroma and a sensation of honey.

Belcolade Blanc Selection

Our perfectly balanced white chocolate reference.

Belcolade Noir Absolu Ebony

The pure cocoa experience. Real Belgian cocoa liquor. Minimum cocoa percentage of 96%.

Belcolade Noir Superieur

A 60% slightly sweet dark chocolate with a strong cocoa aroma.

Belcolade Origins Venezuela 43

This milk chocolate with a cocoa content of 43% combines a strong cocoa flavor, the impression of roasted beans and a clear nutty aroma. The result is creamy, rich, and delicious milk chocolate sourced exclusively from Venezuela.

Belcolade Origins Peru 64

This chocolate sourced exclusively from Peru has a slightly acid cocoa taste, accompanied by a bouquet of raisins and dried figs. It has a cocoa content of 64%.

Belcolade Noir Supreme

An 70.5% dark chocolate with intense cocoa, earthy and coffee notes.

Chocolate Center

At our Chocolate Centers, Puratos experts research the latest trends in chocolate production while also developing new concepts, products, processes and technologies.


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Cacao Trace

Cacao-Trace is Puratos’ sustainable cocoa program. It has two goals: empower farmers to produce better quality beans and ensure that cocoa farming remains an attractive business in the future.


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