Indulgence you can feel good about  

RE-CONNECTING with Consumers

More than ever, consumers crave authentic, delicious desserts that have exciting textures and flavors--and are made with real and responsibly sourced ingredients. That's why here at Puratos, we re-invent indulgence by re-connecting with today's and tomorrow's consumers.


Consumers are paying more and more attention to what goes into their food. They look for simple labels without artificial ingredients. Real also means authentic. Authentic flavors, textures and recipes. Finally, real means a traceable supply chain, all the way from field to fork. Whether that be fruit fillings made with Michigan cherries or a chocolate bar created from organic cocoa beans from Papua New Guinea.

At Puratos, real ingredients is what we do. Because we want to deliver better food, for a better future. Click here to learn more on how our ingredients can help you re-invent indulgence. 


Healthy You, Healthy Planet

Sweet goods that combine great taste and responsible enjoyment are the cornerstone of the future. Truly responsible products benefit consumers, farmers and our planet.

It is widely accepted that less sugar and more fruit contribute to a healthier lifestyle. We focus on reducing sugar in our chocolate using natural sugar-alternatives and believe that fruit should be the first ingredient in any fruit filling

We also believe in playing our part to reduce the impact we have on the planet and all its inhabitants. And we are not alone: 1 out of 3 Americans follows a plant-based diet and the number of vegans has gone up 6x over the last 3 years. At Puratos, we want to offer our customers and consumers high-quality plant-based alternatives, all without compromising taste or texture.

Strengthening the Cocoa Supply Chain

From Ivory Coast to Vietnam to Papua New Guinea, our Cacao-Trace program works alongside cocoa farmers to help them improve the quality and yield of their cocoa. By helping them to further professionalize their farm management skills and environmental protection techniques, Cacao-Trace empowers cocoa farmers to obtain the highest possible income and to manage their plantations with greater autonomy. And with the Chocolate Bonus, chocolate lovers around the world can have a direct impact on the lives of cocoa farmers and their families.

Let’s re-invent indulgence together, with better food for a better future.



Re-inventing is more than just creating new recipes or adding innovative ingredients. It is also re-thinking on what consumers indulged in the past and showing respect for the heritage of local and global desserts. How can we help consumers re-discover an authentic tres leches cake, pound cake or angel food cake? How can we introduce them to new textures such as the chiffon or the castella cake? 

Are you ready to re-invent indulgence together? 

Learn more about how you can deliver indulgence your customers can feel good about, with better food for a better future! 

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