Re-imagined Textures

If Taste is King, then Texture is Queen

People want to feel joy. They want to feel good inside. But they don't want to give up on mind-blowing indulgence. While most consumers reach for comfort food such as gooey brownies or fried donuts, others look for new flavor and texture experiences. It’s time to re-imagine the role texture can play in sweet goods, because texture is the new taste.

Our Cake Texture Collection

At Puratos, our cake specialists have been creating exciting textures for decades. Our expertise from all around the world, combined with a deep understanding of the role of each ingredient has allowed us to create unique textures, adapted to local preferences.

From soft cakes to moist ones, from very light to (almost) melting, we bring all textures together under our “Puratos Texture Collection”.

Traditional American Textures

RE-discover the stories behind traditional American desserts; or learn how Puratos can help you optimize your texture or extend the freshness of your cakes over time.

Authentic Global Textures

Why not RE-invent your cakes completely by introducing international favorites such as the sponge cake, pound cake or tres leches cake? The US is set to become a majority minority nation by 2045, with Asian and Hispanic Americans fueling the growth.  But remember: Millennials and Gen Z grew up eating Mexican, Japanese and other ethnic foods — for them, a lot of what older Americans would call “ethnic” is just another branch of “mainstream.”



Indulgence has never been so light



The European tradition

Brownies, America’s Favorite Dessert

Brownie sales are booming and it’s no surprise why: they're moist but not messy and therefor make the ideal treat for lunch boxes, bake sales and potluck dinners. But they also offer comfort and nostalgia--just smelling fresh brownies transports consumers back to their childhood.

But did you know that there are different brownie textures? Some prefer fudgy, moist brownies, while others opt for chewy or even "cakey" brownies. Re-invent your brownie by folding in chocolate or decorating your brownies with a rich fudge or creamy ganache! Be sure to also explore our unique enzyme technology to extend the freshness or fudginess of your brownies over time. 

Why Fry When You Can Steam?

Our expertise goes beyond cakes and brownies. We developed a patented technology to steam donuts instead of frying them, resulting in a revolutionary donut texture that’s moist and fluffy at the same time. Not only does steaming significantly reduce the fat content, it also keeps your donuts fresher, longer. 

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