It's time to RE-shape the future of sweet baked goods!  

RE-CONNECTING with Consumers

More than ever, consumers crave authentic, delicious desserts that have exciting textures and flavors--and are made with real and responsibly sourced ingredients. That's why here at Puratos, we re-invent indulgence by re-connecting with today's and tomorrow's consumers.


Re-inventing is more than just creating new recipes or adding innovative ingredients. It is also re-thinking on what consumers indulged in the past and showing respect for the heritage of local and global desserts. How can we help consumers re-discover an authentic tres leches cake, pound cake or angel food cake? How can we introduce them to new textures such as the chiffon or the castella cake? 


Topfil Origins: The True Taste of Nature

To bring you the true taste of nature, we work closely with our farmers and remove artificial ingredients where possible. Whether it's blackberries from Marion County or Granny Smith Apples from Washington; we offer full transparency in the supply chain of our Topfil Origins fruit fillings.


Belcolade Origins: Unique Chocolate Aromas from Around the World

Our passion for transparency spreads beyond our country's borders. The Belcolade Single Origin collection is the result of extensive exploration through Central and South America, Central Africa and parts of the Pacific to find cocoa beans with very specific and unique characteristics.  The natural richness and flavor of cocoa is determined by botanical, geological and climatic conditions combined with local practices such as fermentation and drying techniques. By selecting cocoa beans that are very different from each other, Belcolade Origins offers a distinct choice of dark, milk and white chocolate, each with a characteristic bouquet of flavors. 


Cacao-Trace: A Fully-Traceable Cocoa Supply Chain

Cacao-Trace stands for quality, traceable, sustainable cocoa beans. Controlled separation of Cacao-Trace cocoa from other cocoa beans throughout the supply chain – all the way from harvesting through to processing – guarantees the physical traceability of all Cacao-Trace certified chocolate, cake and brownie mixes. 

Topfil Origins

Discover our new fruit fillings range with the cleanest label, a minimum of 60% fruit content, and traceable origins. From apple orchards in Yakima Valley, Washington, to wild blueberry fields in Maine, discover the true taste of nature.

Belcolade Origins

The Belcolade ‘Origins’ range provides the ultimate in real Belgian chocolate, denoting extraordinary taste experiences and comprising exquisite chocolate with specific and unique bouquets of aromas. By selecting cocoa beans that are very different from each other, we can offer a unique choice of chocolates to reflect the differences of the regions where the cocoa was grown and to allow differentiation in chocolate applications.


Cacao-Trace is Puratos’s sustainable cocoa sourcing program. After Vietnam, Ivory Coast, and the Philippines, Cacao-Trace is now also present in Papua New Guinea. Every bag of Cacao-Trace cocoa beans can be traced back to the farm or region it was grown.


Strengthening the Supply Chain

From Ivory Coast to Vietnam to Papua New Guinea, our Cacao-Trace program works alongside cocoa farmers to help them improve the quality and yield of their cocoa. By helping them to further professionalize their farm management skills and environmental protection techniques, Cacao-Trace empowers cocoa farmers to obtain the highest possible income and to manage their plantations with greater autonomy. And with the Chocolate Bonus, chocolate lovers around the world can have a direct impact on the lives of cocoa farmers and their families.

Healthy You, Healthy Planet

Truly responsible products also mean looking at products that benefit the consumer and our planet. It is widely accepted that less sugar and more fruit contribute to a healthier lifestyle. We also believe in playing our part to reduce the impact we have on the environment, and therefore, continue to grow our offering of organic and plant-based products.

Consumers’ health benefits from less sugar in our sugar-reduced chocolate, more fruit in our Topfil fruit fillings, while our plant-based and organic products benefit the environment. 

Sweet goods that combine great taste and responsible enjoyment are the cornerstone of the future. The following range of products with a purpose can help you contribute to a more responsible eco-system by benefiting consumers, farmers and the planet.


To manufacture high-quality food products we must have uninterrupted access to many different ingredients from around the world. At the same time, we realize that demand for basic ingredients can put huge pressure on natural ecosystems and affect the sustainable development of local communities. That is why we are committed to responsible sourcing.


Puratos has developed a new range of sugar-reduced patisserie. We work with new, natural ingredients that lower sugar levels while maintaining a great taste and texture.

More Fruit

We are passionate to help you create great products. That's why we insist our fruit fillings are as natural as they can be, almost directly from field to fork. Together, we are able to deliver products that are honest, of consistent quality and packed full of fruit, showcasing your craftsmanship and skill.


To answer the increasing demand for more natural products, Puratos provides, whenever possible, an organic alternative that delivers on taste, texture and overall functionality.


We contribute to a better planet by offering plant-based alternatives with taste, texture and functionality as close as possible to the traditional counterpart.

RE-AL Ingredients

Consumers are paying more and more attention to what goes into their food. They look for simple labels with ingredients they recognize. At Puratos, we have a full range of chocolate, cake mixes and fillings available to meet even the strictest requirements. Join the clean label revolution today; contact us to remove artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and much more!


Together, unique textures, transparent sourcing and real, responsible ingredients enable us to provide consumers sweet goods that make an impact. As masters in the science of sweet goods for years, we know exactly how different ingredients interact and the impact on the final taste and texture.  No matter the size of your company,  your business concept or your customer profile; our talented and passionate team of pastry chefs and application specialists are eager to work with you. Let's RE-INVENT INDULGENCE together!   


Contact Us to RE-INVENT INDULGENCE for your business.  

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