Plant Based Chocolate Ganache Coconut Cake


  1. Plant Based Cake 
  2. Plant Based Ganache 
  3. Chocolate Coating
Plant-based Cake Method
  • In mixer with paddle mix water, oil, with cake mix on low speed for 2 minutes
  • Scrape the bowl and paddle then mix for 3 more minutes medium speed 
  • Spread evenly to 7mm 
  • Bake 325°F 10-12 minutes

Plant-based Ganache Method
  • Heat coconut milk and glucose to 65°C pour over chocolate and emulsify 
  • Apply between cake layers

Chocolate Coating Method
  • Heat chocolate and cocoa butter to 45°C add oil and toasted coconut 
  • Apply at 38-40°C

  • Layer cake and ganache to desired height 
  • Freeze and portion to desired size 
  • Enrobe or dip with coating

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