Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake


  • Chocolate Vegan Cake
  • Spiced Ganache
  • Chocolate Cup
  • Ambiante
Chocolate Vegan Cake
Tegral Satin Cacao-Trace Clean Label Vegan Chocolate Cake Mix 1000g
Water 470g
Oil 220g
Cinnamon - Ground 5g
Ancho Powder 1g
Cayenne Powder 1g
Chocolate Soak
Ambiante Whipped Topping 600g
Belcolade Dark Ebony 96% 100g
Belcolade Selection CT Dark 100g
Ground Cinnamon 3g
Cayenne Powder 1g
Cinnamon Dusting A.N.
Chocolate Vegan Cake
  • Add all ingredients to the bowl and mix for 1 minute on low and 5 minutes on medium. 
  • Portion into desired pan and bake at 356°F.

Chocolate Soak
  • Heat half the Ambiante and pour over both chocolates. 
  • Slowly add remaining Ambainte and spices. 
  • Blend to incorporate. 
  • Inject into cakes when the cakes are approximetly 120°F internal tempurature. 
  • Dip just the bottom ¾ of the cake cake into tempered Belcolade Selection  CT Dark. 
  • Once set top with whipped Ambiante and dust with cinnamon.

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