Lemon Strawberry Bar Cake

Working Method

Dulcerio Sponge
  • In a mixing bowl (with paddle) add the dry Dulcerio mix and egg n°1. Mix 1 minute on medium. 
  • Add the egg n°2 and oil, mix for 1 minute on 2nd speed. 
  • Scrape mix for 2 minutes on 2nd speed. 
  • Scale 920 g per sheet pan and spread thin. 
  • Bake 10 minutes at 350°F in deck oven.

Lemon Mousse
  • Whip the cream to soft peak, fold with the Deli lemon curd.

Strawberry Mousse
  • Make finesse by whisking together the milk and finesse mix (2 minutes on high). 
  • Add the strawberry classic to the finesse. 
  • Whip the cream to soft peak, gently fold it with the strawberry finesse.

  • In a 8cm high frame, lay a sheet of Dulcerio. Spread the lemon mousse.
  • Lay a second sheet of Dulcerio. Finally spread the strawberry mousse. 
  • Freeze. 
  • Once frozen, glaze the cake with the frame still on. Allow to set, remove the frame, and cut 6 bars of 10 by 40cm. 
  • Pipe the whipped cream and decorate with strawberries.

Composition and Decoration

Lemon Strawberry Bar Cake

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