Key Lime Jars

Graham Crumble
Graham Cracker Crumbs 500g
Butter (melted) 100g
Deli Key Lime
Key Lime Custard
Talento Clean Label Custard Creme 300g
Ice Cold Water 600g
Deli Key Lime 225g
Swiss Meringue
Egg Whites 100g
Granulated Sugar 200g
Process For Graham Crust
  • Combine ingredients and set aside. 

Process for Custard

Process for Meringue
  • Stir egg whites over water bath until hot. Whip up to firm peak and pipe directly.

  • Place Graham Crust mixture into Mason Jars with Scoop #40 and press flat. 
  • Pipe 35g of Deli Key Lime filling on top of crust.
  • Bake 10 min in a deck oven at 350 °F.
  • Let cool down.
  • Pipe 35g of key lime custard on top. 
  • Finish with meringue.  

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