Carrot Cake


Carrot Cake Method
  • Mix wet ingredients with SH Ultimate Carrot Cake mix for 1 minute on low speed and 4 minutes on medium speed. 
  • Add raisins and carrots and mix for 2 minutes on low speed.

Rum Soak
  • Mix all ingredients together.

Cream Cheese Icing Method
  • Whip cream cheese and powdered sugar together with a paddle on high speed until very light and fluffy. Scrape down bowl frequently.
  •  Add vanilla compound and one step neutral mousse mix and beat with a paddle for 2 minutes on medium speed. Scrape down bowl. 
  • Add cream in thirds and whip with a whisk until desired consistency. 
  • Make sure to scrape down bowl frequently during cream additions.

Cinnamon Streusel Method
  • Mix butter with crème cake and cinnamon until combined. 
  • Push through a screen and bake at 350°F deck oven until golden brown. 
  • Reserve until ready to decorate cake.

Caramel Topping
  • Mix deli caramel with sweetened condensed milk and vanilla compound. 
  • Whip the butter until very light and fluffy and fold in.

  • Build in a ring with acetate. Soak all cake layers. 
  • When cutting cake circles make diameter of cake ¼ inch smaller than ring being used. 
  • Place cake layer in ring and top with filling. Add second layer of cake and top with filling. 
  • Add third layer of cake. Cake should come to just under top of ring. Cream needs to fill space between cake and side of ring. Freeze. 
  • Once frozen pipe caramel topping over final layer of cake. Freeze. 
  • Glaze caramel topping with prepared Harmony Classic (500g Harmony Classic and 250g water boiled together). 
  • When ready to decorate allow cake to thaw slightly and then break cinnamon streusel up and cover sides of cake.

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