Lemon Caramel Brownie Entremet


Brownie Method
  • Combine hot water and oil pour over cake mix while mixing on low speed for 1 minute. Scrape the bowl. 
  • Add coconut and continue to mix for 1 additional minute. 
  • Deposit into a half sheet tray with extension. 
  • Deposit Deli Citron on top of brownie with desired design. 
  • Bake at 163°C for 28-30 minutes

Amber Mousse Method
  • Whip 250 grams of heavy cream to soft peaks.
  • Heat remaining cream to 75°C. Pour over chocolate and emulsify. 
  • Once ganache reaches 35°C, fold cream into ganache.
  • Deposit immediately into desired mold.

Amber Glaze Method
  • Heat milk and glucose to 75°C.
  • Pour over chocolate and emulsify. Add gelatin. Add Miroir and salt. 
  • Allow to cool and stabilize for 24 hours in cooler before applying to frozen mousse. 
  • Heat desired amount be careful not to incorporate any air bubbles. 
  • Apply at 35°C.

Coating Method
  • Heat chocolate and cocoa butter to 45°C.
  • Add oil emulsify well.
  • Add coconut. 
  • Apply or enrobe to brownie at 40°C.

Assembly Method
  • Place enrobed brownie on bottom. 
  • Place enrobed/glazed mousse on top of brownie. 
  • Decorate with Belcolade.

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