Ready to Use Mixes

Ready-to-use cake mixes are vital products for professional bakers, helping to ensure quality, ease of use and consistency. 

Whatever your size - artisan, semi-industry or large industrial - we have a range of mixes to cover your needs: from X-Press Mixes (add water only) to Tegral (add water, oil and sometimes eggs), Easy (add liquids and bulk ingredients such as sugar and flour) and Acti (our line of cake improvers). 

What are the advantages of using ready-to-use mixes?

There are many reasons why bakers opt to use mixes rather than making cakes from scratch. The practical benefits are: 

  • Quality: premium-quality texture and flavor
  • Innovation: a wide range of flavors and textures
  • Ease of use: no need to scale small ingredients
  • Convenience: easy to stock and store
  • Consistency: same level of quality each and every time
  • Speed: shorter production times

Cake mixes also allow you to diversify your range, helping you to experiement and expand your product offering to include new textures and flavors: from moist layer cakes to buttery rich pound cakes, from fudgy to cakey brownies and from NY style muffins to Pan de Maiz!



Health and wellbeing issues have a major influence on the baking industry. Modern mixes enable you to respond to customer demands for healthier products and healthier living. 

We have a range of mixes in line with consumer needs such as Clean(er) Label, plant-based and wholegrain. All while sticking to our golden rules: no compromise on taste or texture!