Clean(er) Label

Consumers want to know the composition of their food. Therefore, they pay more attention to the product label. Consumers prefer short, clean and clear labels, with mainly natural ingredients and ingredient names that they know or understand.

Clean(er) Label

Clean label is a widely accepted term that is used in the industry, but for which no regulatory definition exists. It often results in the removal or reduction of some ingredients (e.g. no additives, no preservatives, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours,…).

The common conception is that a clean label product should consist of a short and clear list of ‘known’ ingredients. The public opinion around it is continuously evolving and differs significantly between regions and countries. On top of this, clean label is a moving target. At Puratos we therefore find it more appropriate to opt for the term “clean(er) label” as it shows it is not an end state but an ongoing process.

Ingredient synergies

At Puratos, we have expertise in ingredients for bakery, patisserie and chocolate. We are often able to help create shorter and clearer ingredient lists for a finished product, as we master the interactions between all ingredients. Take a filled muffin for example. We offer all the products’ ingredients: the mix to bake it, but also the filling and decoration. By looking for synergies between the different components we guarantee that we can reduce the total number of ingredients that are mentioned on the label.

Cleaner where possible

Puratos has a huge heritage of products that have been successful for decades already. Like S500, that is known as the best bread improver. For these products we offer our standard range, and clean(er) label alternatives. Every new product however is by definition being formulated in such way that it is as clean as possible right from the start.

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An in-depth look at Softgrain Amber Grain Organic

Puratos Satin Silver Clean(er) Label Layer Cake Mix selected as winner for 2018 ASB Innovation Award

At Puratos, we optimize ingredients so that you have the cleanest ingredient statement. As such, we have developed an extensive range of cake mixes that fall in line with the clean label trend.


Cleaner Label Products

Easy Satin Silver CL White Layer Cake

A convenient, clean(er) label mix for producing moist and delicious white layer cakes. This mix uses our texture improver Acti-Fresh.

Softgrain Amber Grain Organic

A blend of pre-soaked organic grains and seeds (oat, sunflower, millet, flax, and cracked wheat) cooked in organic liquid rye sourdough and enrobed in organic brown sugar and organic molasses.

Belcolade Noir Organic 74

This 74% dark chocolate delivers an intense cocoa taste with a pronounced bitterness and slight acidity, made with 100% Organic ingredients.

Vivafil Raspberry

A multi-purpose, preservative free raspberry filling with great bake stability for cakes and sweet goods.

Softgrain Multigrain CL

A clean label presoaked blend of grains and seeds (rye, wheat oat, teff, millet) and flax seeds enrobed with sourdough.

S500 Green A+

A clean label all-purpose improver; providing dough tolerance and volume for all types of bread applications.

Tegral Satin Silver CL Crème Cake

A clean label cake complete mix that does not contain any gums for moist crème cakes.

Chocolanté Organic Dark Chunk

A dark semisweet Organic chunk with a sweet fruity cocoa flavor (600 pieces per pound).

Sapore Adelia

A liquid, living wheat sourdough with origins from France. Specially fermented to deliver a fill bodies lactic profile with creamy notes.

Tegral Fairtrade CL Brownie

A clean(er) label, fudgy brownie mix that is made with fairtrade cocoa.

Sapore Oracolo

A liquid living rye sourdough inspired by the French tradition of soaking grapes or bran in water and then mixing with flour to start the ‘levain’ fermentation. Sapore Oracolo delivers a complex acidic and fruity flavor profile.

Tegral CL Wholegrain A/P Cookie

A cleaner label but convenient and versatile cookie base used for the production of whole grain cookie varieties.

Chocolanté Organic FT Milk

A sweet Organic Fairtrade milk chocolate with pleasant fruity cocoa notes and a cocoa content of 32%.

Tegral Satin Platinum CL Crème Cake

A convenient, clean(er) label cake mix with superior mouthfeel. This mix uses our texture improver Acti-Fresh.

Deli Dulce De Leche

A premium-quality rich and creamy caramel filling that can also be used as an excellent topping.