Choosing X-Press cake mixes means choosing the most convenient solution for your bakery. X-Press are all-in-one mixes; fat and eggs are incorporated in the mix. All you have to do is simply add water to the mix to get a rich and tasty texture. As a result, there is plenty of time left to use your creativity for inspiration decorations. Making a cake has never been so easy!

  • Add water only Cake Mixes (eggs and fat incorporated in the mix)
  • For a variety of finished goods
  • Average 5 days shelf life
  • Guarantees a consistent quality bake after bake

Customer advantages

  • Optimal convenience thanks to add water only easiness, less raw materials to scale and reduced hygiene risk because no liquid eggs needed
  • Better profitability thanks to waste reduction due to less production errors, higher yield and batter cost reduction

Consumer advantages

  • Soft texture & rich  taste

Our range

X-Press Cakey Brownie Mix

X-Press Cakey Brownie Mix

A versatile, complete cakey brownie mix.

X-Press Fudgy Brownie

X-Press Fudgy Brownie

An add-water only mix for indulgent, fudgy brownies.

X-Press Plant-Based Cake Donut Mix

X-Press Plant-Based Cake Donut

A plant-based mix for cake donuts. Add water only.