The Better-for-you

According to our 2021 Taste Tomorrow survey, 58% of consumers prefers healthier options  to avoid having to compromise on their food intake.

Here are three areas you might like to experiment with in order to offer healthier alternatives:

  • Add more fruit: if the “Classic” recipes that doesn’t contain fruit, add a fruit filling or compound. In your Classic already contains fruit, you can increase the fruit content by using one of our premium fruit fillings.

  • Add more grains: by using one of our wholegrain mixes or adding pre-soaked grains, you can improve the nutritional profile of your Classic, all without compromising taste or texture.

  • Clean up the label: Consumers pay more and more attention to the ingredients in their product. They prefer short, clean and clear labels, with real ingredients. Ingredients they know or understand. 

  • Reduce sugar and fat: Why not try our sugar-reduced chocolate or fat-reduced chocolate filling? 

Fueled by innovation, we continuously improve our product range, to be better and healthier. We aim to provide the most nutritionally wholesome products possible, without compromising on taste, texture, quality, or safety. We increase the presence of power ingredients, like fruit and, fiber, while cutting down on fat and sugar.

Discover how our ingredients can help you reinvent classic delights in a healthier way.

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