Market Research and Reports

The goal of Market Research is to gather reliable information to make the right business choices. We look at the data behind consumer behaviors, market insights, and trends. The goals are:

  • To understand consumer trends, behaviors and attitudes
  • Evaluate claims and concepts
  • Analyze collected insights

Market Intelligence can help you by learning areas of opportunity to target sales. 

Taste Tomorrow

To create the best finished goods and to anticipate what will come next, you need to know your consumer’s needs and expectations.

Taste Tomorrow is the world’s largest bakery, patisserie and chocolate consumer survey. Through in-depth insights into global and local consumer behaviors, attitudes and choices, this independent study carried out for Puratos offers a “foodstep” into the future, tracking the evolution of trends and unveiling new ones.

The results? Fresh insights about health, convenience, experience, digital and more to stimulate innovation in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors.


Taste Tomorrow offers you in-depth insights into global and local consumer trends. We set off on a trip to interview 11,000 consumers in 25 countries about their choices, attitudes and perceptions all related to the baked goods industry. This Taste Tomorrow survey confirms consumers want to have a say in the products that are coming their way.

Our research in 4 steps:

  1.   Curation: desk research
  2.    Interviewing: 66 experts and customers
  3.    1-week online community: 80 foodies in 8 trendsetting cities (San Francisco,       Paris, Shanghai, Cape Town, Tokyo, Dubai, London and Sao Paulo)
  4.    Quantitative Survey: 17, 470 consumers in 40 countries

Concept Evaluation

Together with foodies from trendsetting cities, we organized co-creation sessions around concepts and innovation within the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sector. Many ideas were drafted, resulting in a selection of 6 inspirational concepts. During the Taste Tomorrow research, we asked for consumers to rank these product concepts on uniqueness and their willingness to purchase.

Taste Tomorrow Results

Interested in learning more about Taste Tomorrow and how it can apply to you specifically? Request a presentation or contact your sales rep!

Taste Tomorrow - Post COVID19 Results

With COVID-19 making such a drastic impact on the food industry, Puratos has run a special Taste Tomorrow consumer survey tailored to the world post COVID-19. This information is tailored to North America and had 803 consumers participate. The objective of this study was to identify and measure changes in consumers’ attitude and shopping behavior post COVID-19.

The 2020 Post-COVID consumer survey topics were:

The 2020 Post-COVID high level findings were:

For more information and insights, reach out to your sales rep!

Market Trends

When looking at market trends, we first start with our Taste Tomorrow information which provides us a view into the long term and future trends in the bakery industry. The Taste Tomorrow results give us answers to what is important to consumers and how they are reacting and interacting with the changing environment. We interpret consumer insights to apply those findings to any relevant market trends.

With that information, we can then offer a focused view into the relevant market trends for your business.

Trend analyses focus on specific products (ex: cakes, brioche, cookies), channel (ex: artisans, supermarket bakeries), ingredient based (grains, fruit fillings), claims (organic, clean label), , or general (bakery, patisserie, chocolate).

These analyses provide solutions and insights for how to move forward with your products to be successful in today’s market.

To learn more about market research and reports, please reach out to your local sales representative.


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