Channel Champions: Sloan Bennett, Sr. Customer Marketing Manager, Large Accounts

26 Jun 2024

Sloan leads Customer Marketing for large accounts at Puratos, developing customer strategies and supporting business development through joint business planning, category management and consumer insights. Since joining Puratos in 2020, Sloan has driven a stronger understanding and penetration in large accounts with a focus on Retail, Industry, and Food Service customers; connecting trends with market-ready solutions to that inspires innovation. Prior to Puratos, Sloan held CPG Marketing and Brand Management roles at Whole Foods, KIND and Steaz Healthy Beverage and brings a wealth of knowledge in consumer goods and insights.

1. What do you enjoy most about working with our customers and how do you believe it contributes to our company’s success?

What I enjoy most about working with our customers is the dynamic and engaging nature of each interaction. Every customer brings a fresh perspective and exciting challenges, keeping things innovative and fun. Meeting new people and discovering unique ways of working together is always rewarding. By collaborating on solutions that benefit both parties, we not only enhance Puratos success, but also support our Customers in their success.

2. What inspired you to pursue a career in B2B marketing in this industry?

I've been in the food and beverage industry for over 10 years. My passion for food and curiosity about trying new things, made it clear I wanted a career in this field. Marketing was the perfect path for me because it allows me to connect with people through food in a unique way. With a background in psychology, nutrition and brand management, I found that the clinical path didn't suit my desire to engage with people dynamically. Instead, discovering the power of data and insights driving food-related decisions inspired me further. By impacting decision-making through shopper messaging/communications, packaging, and labeling, I aim to help people make informed choices about what they eat, allowing them to enjoy their food and stay healthy.

3. What’s been the most rewarding aspect of your position at Puratos?

The most rewarding aspect of my position at Puratos has been working with our incredible team. Our internal marketing team is smart, dynamic, and constantly striving to improve. Everyone is dedicated to supporting each other and working towards common goals. The fast growth of our team and the open, honest relationships we share are incredibly valuable. Whether it's collaborating on a customer meeting or tackling a big project, I know I can rely on my colleagues to give 110% and represent the team well.

4. How do you collaborate with other teams or departments within the company?

Collaboration with other teams at Puratos is driven by what best serves the customer and the specific needs of each project. A lot of my work involves building out customer meetings, which requires cross-functional collaboration within our business development community. This includes working with R&D, the technical team on concepts, and the insights team for research and sensory data, often leveraging our Taste Tomorrow insights to ensure our recommendations are sound. It's essential to have the right people on the right projects, so I focus on a project-based approach, ensuring we have the necessary expertise and collaboration to achieve the best outcomes.

5. What is your favorite insight or trend to watch?

Right now, anything related to Gen Z or Gen Alpha is super exciting. A lot of our customers are asking about these generations. Culturally, Hispanic trends are also fascinating due to the population's growth and their influence on American cuisine. There’s a growing interest in traditional Hispanic foods, desserts, and breads, which are particularly appealing to younger demographics. These trends, both separately and combined, are areas I’ve been keeping an eye on. Additionally, it's important to monitor economic factors like inflation and developments in the chocolate market. These factors significantly impact our customers and their shoppers, so it's crucial to stay informed and keep a pulse on these issues as well.

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