Channel Champions: Rodrigo Martin, Customer Marketing, Multichannel

10 Jul 2024

Rodrigo has an industrial engineer background with master’s degrees in marketing from Universidad Catolica de Chile and International Commerce from the University of Barcelona. Born and raised in Chile, he holds dual citizenship in Chile and Spain, and his studies in Spain left him with cherished memories. Returning to Chile, he joined Puratos as Marketing Manager in February 2013. Starting as a one-person department, he expanded his team by adding an assistant and the country's first product manager. He also integrated all Technical Advisors and Innovation Centers under his leadership for greater efficiency.

After five years of leading successful projects in Chile, Rodrigo was invited by the VP of Marketing of Puratos USA to become the Marketing Manager for the West Coast. Now, as the Customer Marketing Manager for Multichannel, Rodrigo spearheads initiatives like Synchronized Campaigns and the Puratos Tour, a road trip showcasing the latest trends to customers across the largest cities in the USA.

1. What do you enjoy most about working with our customers and how do you believe it contributes to our company’s success?

What I love the most about working with our customers at Puratos is the opportunity to bring innovative ideas to life and see them succeed. It's incredibly rewarding to help our customers achieve their objectives and grow their businesses. A notable example is the relaunch of Carat and our focus on the domestic artisan channel in Chile. Initially a small part of our business, we discovered its vast potential and allocated the right resources. This strategic focus led to impressive growth, making it the most important line of business in Chile within three years.

2. What inspired you to pursue a career in B2B marketing in this industry?

Puratos itself was my biggest inspiration. When I returned from Spain, I had several job offers, mostly from B2C companies. I hadn't heard of Puratos before, but once I researched the company and understood its global presence and significance in the industry, my decision was clear. I chose Puratos without hesitation.

3. What’s been the most rewarding aspect of your position at Puratos?

The most rewarding aspect of my position at Puratos has been the opportunity to travel across the countries I've worked in, bringing the latest trends to our customers and helping them grow their businesses. I love interacting with customers because they have firsthand knowledge of the market. While I can analyze trends, surveys, and reports, customers provide real-world insight and proof of changes in the bakery industry.

4. How do you collaborate with other teams or departments within the company?

Collaboration with other teams and departments is essential from the inception of a project. Their diverse perspectives, valuable information, and unique insights are crucial for success. It's important to ensure they feel like integral parts of the project, not just support. By fostering a sense of ownership, we strengthen our initiatives. Even the best marketing ideas, campaigns, or product launches require a committed sales team, the right support from TAs and R&D, and the backing of the supply chain to truly succeed.

5. What is your favorite insight/trend to watch?

My favorite trend to watch is Taste Tomorrow. I've had the privilege of observing all the Taste Tomorrow events, from the first one in 2013 to the most recent one last year. It's fascinating to see how small trends presented over a decade ago have become mainstream. Products like sourdough, once a niche item, are now widely used not only in bread but also in pizzas, cookies, pastries, and more.

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