Amber Waves of Grain

An in-depth look at Softgrain Amber Grain Organic

20 Sep 2018

We at Puratos see a growing opportunity in the market for organic and grain based breads based on our proprietary research. Softgrain Amber Grain Organic is a perfect fit that combines health and great taste.

What is Softgrain Amber Grain Organic? What need in the market does it fill?

Softgrain Amber Grain Organic is a blend of grains and seeds that have been cooked in sourdough, resulting in tender inclusions that have absorbed the flavor of our sourdough. Softgrain addresses the consumer demand for healthier and better tasting products by allowing the baker to add both flavor and grains to their breads.

What consumer preferences or regulations inspired us to reformulate this product? How does it differ from its previous version?

FSMA is a regulation that has prompted a number of changes in the baking industry. One such change is the concern around soaking grains in the bakery, because the wet grains are a perfect growth medium for bacteria. Providing precooked grains means there is one less thing a bakery needs to be concerned about in regards to food safety. Softgrain Amber Grain Organic is nearly identical to the standard Softgrain Amber Grain except it is USDA certified as Organic.

How have we ensured there is no compromise on taste, mouth feel, shelf life or other attributes after the reformulation?

We worked extensively with the procurement team to make sure the grains and seeds used in the new product would give the same performance as the non-Organic versions.  After developing the formula, we conducted triangle tests among Puratos employees in the offices. The results from this internal sensory confirmed there were no significant differences found between the two products.

By: Joe Layton, Senior R&D Manager – Bakery, Puratos Corporation