Spicy Hazelnut Bon Bon

Working Method

Hazelnut Chili Praline
  • Melt Noir Selection, and cocoa butter 40°C, add praline. 
  • Add chili Temper to 26°C deposit in crystalized mold. 
  • Allow to crystalize seal.

Chocolate Shell
  • In a clean polycarbonate mold spray tempered cocoa butter red (30C) followed by white (30C). 
  • Allow to crystallize and pour a layer of tempered Belcolade Noir Selection chocolate. 
  • Pipe ganache in the mold. 
  • Seal the enclosure with more chocolate and guitar sheets.

  • Using tempered chocolate white out desired message and sprinkle with glitter and sugar before setting.

Spicy Hazelnut Bon Bon

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