Raspberry Seduction


Cake Batter Method
  • Combine mix and water1 mix 1 minute at low speed and then three minutes at medium. 
  • Add water and oil. 
  • Mix for 1 minute low speed, scrape bowl and mix three more minutes at medium speed. 
  • Add water. 
  • Mix 1 minute at low speed. Scrape and mix 1 more minute at medium speed. 
  • Spread to desired thickness.
  • *6mm-7mm is best Bake 350°F for 12-14 minutes.

White Chocolate Mousse Method
  • Heat cream 80°C. 
  • Pour over chocolate and cocoa butter. 
  • Mix till homogenized. 
  • Cool to 36°C fold soft whipped cream.
  • Deposit immediately.

Glaze Method
  • Heat milk and glucose to 75°C. Pour over chocolate and mix till homogenized. 
  • Add bloomed gelatin, add Miroir, add desired color amount. Mix. 
  • Let set in cooler for 24 hours. 
  • Re-heat mix till homogenized (not incorporating air bubbles). 
  • Apply to frozen cake at 35°C.

  • Place cake round smaller than ring in center. 
  • Deposit Topfil Raspberry on top, deposit mousse, repeat. 
  • Freeze and glaze decorate with desired decoration.

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