Vivafil, the new generation of fruit fillings, lets you create the product of your dreams. Whatever the product process, Vivafil stays right where you want it, while also keeping its fresh appearance and natural fruit taste.

  • Cleanest filling in the market: completely preservative free, no artificial colors or flavors
  • Low water activity to keep your product fresh longer
  • Ready to use jam-style fruit filling
  • Bake and freeze thaw stable
  • Pectin-based

Vivafil is a range of fruit fillings that fills the gap in more ways than one. First, it allows you to fill the gap in your product range by helping you to create tastier and better-looking applications. Second, Vivafil fills the gaps in your actual applications, staying right where you want it, regardless of production process. 

Independent tests show when it comes to taste and texture, consumers consider Vivafil to be as good as traditional jam, and even more natural. And no wonder! Vivafil is packed with a minimum of 20% fruit, and contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

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