How to extend the shelf life of bread

7 Jul 2020

Consumers make fewer visits to shops, spend less time in stores and have a tendency to stock up on certain products. Bakeries and bakery aisles are not exceptions. Improving the preservation of the packed breads using natural solutions is key to follow this trend. We have gathered some tips and tricks to help you give a few extra days to your baked goods, allowing your customers to continue enjoying great tasting fresh bread longer.

Tips & tricks for a longer preservation of bread

First tip: Acidification! Acidification is commonly used in breadmaking to preserve breads and on top, is one of the sourdough mechanisms that improves the shelf life of the baked goods. Adding 1% of  vinegar on the flour weight is a natural way to acidify your dough, and thus your bread. Select vinegars that are almost tasteless for your recipes, like some apple ones.

Another fantastic solution to improve bread preservation is the addition of our natural and label friendly product based on fermented flour, Molderator. It is ready to use, just needs to be dosed at 2% on flour weight on top of your recipe. No need to change the process. This solution will allow your products last for 5 to 6 days.

Linked to that, another good tip is changing your regular bread improver to a Soft'r improver. This will give extra softness and freshness to your bread until the end of the shelf life and will not require any recipe or process adaptation.

Finally, Sourdough! If you are using your own sourdough, this is already helping you on the bread preservation. If you don’t, our range of Sapore Sourdoughs can help you extend shelf life through acidification and even improve the results in combination with Molderator. Obviously, you will be adding on top a fantastic bread taste and flavor!

Remember that, when your products leave the oven, they are free of contamination. It appears 2-3 days after baking and it’s originated during cooling, slicing, manipulating and even packaging. That’s why basic hygienic measures like cleaning the workplace and equipment, cleaning your hands and wearing gloves will prevent the microbial growth. And don’t forget to minimize the manipulation of the baked products.

We are convinced that all these tips will improve the shelf life and preservation of your products.

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