Clean(er) Label: So What?

5 Dec 2018


When I think of great-tasting, versatile, preservative-free fruit fillings, my mind immediately goes to our Vivafil range. This innovation addresses our customers’ needs for clean(er) ingredient labels, versatility in use, shelf life in finished goods and natural taste.

Now, you might be asking ‘so what?’ to all of the claims and capabilities listed above – however, they are important! But don’t take it from me. Our global consumer study and research, Taste Tomorrow, shows us that 1 in 4 consumers fear food will become less natural by year 2025. In addition to the versatility and long shelf life, the jam-like Vivafil addresses a concern dominating the market – naturalness.

Indeed, an additional online survey with 250 US consumers showed us that the top two product claims in the US are No Artificial Flavors/No Artificial Colors (NAFNAC) and Preservative-free. Vivafil understands and addresses both of these important claims.

Any baker or patissier – large or small – knows that when you remove ingredients from fillings, such as preservatives, there is often a sacrifice regarding the mouthfeel, shelf life and sometimes, even taste. We looked at all of these details, however, and made sure we did not miss any important parameters. As a result? No sacrifices needed!

We use high-quality fruits and ingredients to achieve the naturalness of a homemade jam. Our state-of-the-art processing/packaging technologies and ultra-clean in/clean out process at our Pennsauken Manufacturing Plant ensures that every product leaving our facility meets food safety and quality standards at all times. Additionally, our creative and technical teams work closely with you, our customers, to develop concepts that highlight the best features and benefits of this product range.

My, how the industry has changed in the past decade! The average US consumer is more educated, more inquisitive and more mindful of what he/she is putting into his/her body and how it affects the world around them. The clean(er) label demand is not going away anytime soon; on the contrary, it has been and will continue to grow in scope. At Puratos, we understand that clean label in the eyes of the consumer has gone beyond a simple request for short(er), simpl(er) ingredient lists. Clean label has evolved into a category that provides transparency and sustainability – Vivafil fills this gap, naturally.

By: Brenda Fermin, Senior R&D Manager - Fillings & Decors

Vivafil Raspberry

A multi-purpose, preservative free raspberry filling with great bake stability for cakes and sweet goods.