X-Press Fudgy Halloween Brownie


  1. X-Press Fudge Brownie + Acti-Fresh B&C
  2. Deli Dulce De Leche
  3. Carat Coverlux White Chantilly
  4. Carat Coverlux Decoration


Brownie Method
  • Add mix, Acti-Fresh B&C, and hot water. 
  • Mix on low speed 1-minute scrape. 
  • Add second water, mix 1-minute low speed. 
  • Deposit add dulce de leche. 
  • Bake 325°F 22-30 minutes, depending size/shape.

Carat Coverlux Decoration
  • Heat cream to 180°F pour on top of the chocolate. 
  • Use an emulsion blender for a good emultion. 
  • Cool down to 36°F use minumum 12-24 hours later.
  • Whip to soft/medium peak, pipe to desired design.

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