Vietnam Thyme Blueberry

Peru Thyme Ganache
  • Let the thyme soak in the 60 g water for 2 hours. 
  • Add the sugar and glucose and leave to caramelize. Stop this process by adding the heated cream. 
  • Sieve the thyme out and pour onto the chocolate. Make sure the ganache does not exceed the 100°F for a good crystallization. 
  • When the ganache reaches 95°F add the cold butter and mix with a blender. Use the ganache at 86°F.

  • Spray in the mold first with a thin layer of silver and finish with purple colored cocoa butter. 
  • Leave to crystalize minimum 1 hour before molding with chocolate. 
  • Mold the mold with tempered Belcolade Noir Selection CT and leave to crystalize. 
  • Fill the mold up to 1/3 of the volume with the Blueberry Vivafil and fill the rest with the thyme ganache. 
  • Leave to crystalize 12 hours before closing at 61°F with a RH below 60%. 
  • Close with tempered chocolate and leave to crystalize and demould.

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