Strawberry White Shortcake


Tegral Satin Clean Label Plant-Based Cake Mix Method
  • Mix all ingredients together for 5 minutes Deposit into 9’’ cake molds. 
  • Bake at 350°F for 40 minutes.

Topfil Plus Strawberry Mousse Method
  • Combine in Kitchen Aid with a whisk. Mix till medium peaks. 
  • Deposit between Cake Layers and mask cake.

Classics Strawberry Frosting Method
  • Combine in Kitchen Aid with a whisk. 
  • Mix till medium peaks; mask cake. 
  • Place in freezer to set.

Mirror Glaze
  • In a plastic pitcher combine Harmony Ready Briant and Topfil Plus Strawberry. 
  • Using a hand blender, mix till smooth. 
  • Heat in microwave to 110°F. 
  • Deposit on top of frozen cake and place in reach-in to set. 
  • Decorate with Belcolade CT D-600 Decor.

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