Rosca de Reyes


Mixing Method
  • Mix in spiral mixer. 
  • Delay addition of butter until dough is 75% developed. 
  • Low Speed 5 minutes. High Speed 12-15 Minutes. 
  • DDT 79°f-80°f.

Bulk Fermentation Method
  • Allow dough to rest 15 minutes after mixing.

Divide/Shape Method
  • 500g Large Rosca
  • 100g Mini Rosca
  • Pre-shape each piece round and let rest on floured board for 15 minutes. 
  • After resting place a hole in center of round and stretch out center ensuring that the hole is large enough to not close during proofing.

Proof/Bake Method
  • Proof 60 min at 90°f 80% humidity. 
  • Spray each loaf with sunset glaze and decorate with Rosca paste and dried fruits. 
  • Bake @ 325°F. 12 min small. 18-20 min large.

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