Pumpkin Shaped Hot Cacao Bombs

Working Method

Chocolate Case
  • Temper Belcolade C501J dark chocolate and spread it to an even thickness of 4mm. 
  • After setting but before hardening, cut the case pieces. Allow to harden. 
  • Brush with a steel brush to create wood grain. Assemble (dimension hereunder).

Chocolate Hay
  • Put a marble (or stack of sheet pans) in the freezer. 
  • Prep 3 colors of cacao butter (yellow, orange and green), by melting 100gr of cacao butter and dissolving 5gr of fat-soluble pigments with the help of an immersion blender. 
  • Color 200gr of tempered Belcolade Blanc Selection white chocolate, with 10 to 15gr of yellow cacao butter. 
  • Fill a small pipping bag with the colored white chocolate, and drizzle it on the surface of the frozen marble (or stack of sheet pans). 
  • Immediately pull it as it hardens and shape it in nest of 2.5” (8cm).

Cacao Bombs
  • Color 100gr of white tempered chocolate with 10gr of colored cacao butter, you will need one orange and one green. 
  • Brush your mold with the 2 colored white chocolate, green for the stem orange for the pumpkin. 
  • Coat the molds with 1 layer of tempered Belcolade C501J, allow to crystalize and unmold. 
  • Add 8gr of cacao powder and 3 mini marshmallows in each pumpkin before sealing the top.

Case Size
  • 5 pieces per crate: 
  • 1 x Bottom (14.5cm x 22cm) 
  • 2 x Long sides (4.5 cm x 22cm) 
  • 2 x Handles (6 cm x 14.6cm)

Pumpkin Shaped Hot Cacao Bombs

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