Pumpkin Roll

Working Method

1. After dough is mixed to 80% gluten development, remove 20% of dough and color using 6-8% by dough weight of beta carotene to create colored dough.

2.  Round both rolls and orange pices and allow to rest for 15-20 min in the cooler.

3. Sheet down orange pieces into a disk around .75mm thick.

4. Spray orange pieces with water and wrap around 100g roll placing the seam at the bottom. 

5. Using a bench knife and or regular knife place 7' cut around roll approz 1mm from he center each to create the pumpkin shape.

6. Once dough is fully proofed, using a wet towel press the center of the dough down and insert dead dough stem. (Note: the stem can be flavored to better match with the flavor of the roll)






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